ECGNetwork.Co 24/7 Beach
Port: 27960
Map: mp_beach
Mod: shrub
Type: Wolf SW
Version: 1.5a(iortcw)
Players: 21/64
More Info
Ventrilo 3.0
ventrilo Hosting by
Top Current Players
Player Score
EurO 73
Villain 47
Emperor 39
lightsoff,maskon 37
nav 35
|L0l|Azazel 35
#vps chroniccc 34
Jabone 26
Tek.KillA.qc 21
=CaptTrippS= 12
Krispykrem^ 10
^sHoOtz 7
picminty 7
Humungus 6
Anuel aa 5

Latest News & Updates

 2016/11/19 14:49:40
To celebrate the 15th anniversary of RTCW, a new release of iortcw is now available for download. The version number was bumped to 1.5a (15th anniversary). This is also to help avoid the continued duplication of version numbering with other projects. As usual, more updates and fixes. This is more of a bug fix release rather than new feature additions. Full list of changes are here: https://github....
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 2015/12/26 16:54:08
As a slightly belated Christmas present...a new release is available for download! As usual, lots of fixes and updates... Wait, what happened to 1.42c? I skipped a release with this version to avoid confusion with another project that uses that version number. Anyway... The most visual of the changes probably would be aspect correction for widescreen resolutions. (No more stretched crosshairs, etc...
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Latest Forum Posts

 2017/04/28 13:03:33
dont wanna rip the ESC team apart. nana agreed to give one away. nat is ok with this too. so he keeps nat and gets lukino (if hes ok with it, cant force him, but i think hes happy to join). if fox.bnj agrees, he might want to join chronic and hendrix now. gotta get jay k and we done with the teams. some stronger, some weaker, but all in all not so much differences. edit: as all involved parties ag...
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 2017/04/25 01:11:13
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 2017/04/21 01:27:31
Long ago I use to help SRDG roll through PB screen shot for punksbusted. The green goblins where funny. Most walling is normal graphic guys but on maps like Ice you will see little guys running around their size is small because they are on the other side of the map. The best screenshots were the ones that had a drop down menu to control the different haxs.
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 2017/04/17 22:25:29
Now THERE'S a job I would not want!
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 2017/04/14 23:38:12
soo... after umpteen years of playin on ecgn i been banned for at least a week now... dont knwo why i shoudl be banned for tking/bleeding when someone started the fight... i dont tk people on purpose, but i will fucking end with skulls.. ask villain or euro what kind of poor person/player i have been on ecgn server overall... i dont play to cause problems.. yet its ok for mrs.b's anal receiving bi...
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