Two short horror films (only for high IQ brains)

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Two short horror films (only for high IQ brains)

Postby n* ASSASSIN » Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:04 am

I share this two short horror movies :twisted: (about 10 min each), anyone (english, german, french, spanish, etc.) can see them because there are no dialogues, and only smart brains :vinsent: will understand the occult message of each movie. If you are under 18, don't see them! :roll: :

1/ Hotel

2/ Sinnside

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Re: Two short horror films (only for high IQ brains)

Postby EurO » Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:51 pm

Hotel - The lighting is very yellow throughout, and that can be a good thing when you are going for golds and browns. The soundtrack, and the way "professional-sounding-trailer" mixes with the video is also good. They built a whole set for the 10 minute movie, which can be expensive! The main character looks like he is about to die in the desert at the start, but is able to eventually maneuver through the hotel looking for water. When he sees the table full of food, it is a good bit of sound and expressionalism. He dances with the roasted pig head, and more good audio. After over-indulging himself, he realizes it's a trap. He has become the victim of something that we would lay out for cockroaches.
In the end, it was a bit laggy while he ate himself silly, and the ending could've been more evidential in the fact that we could be the pest in a cockroach's house. But it was also very well made and I enjoyed watching it and will probably refer to it in the future.

Sinnside - Great photography/perspective right off the bat. We get first person perspective via CGI as she follows the trail of candy. There seems to be more of a need to speak, and it is made struggling to be non-vocal. As the little girl sits down at the table, I'm not sure what is going on. More kids come in and order from the menu of seven. A lot of grunting and sighing in lieu of speaking. Lots of greens in this cinematography. Are all the children food for the crazies in the restaurant? I started to lose interest halfway through. But because it's only 13 min I have to ride it out. More green screen. Water sounds. Things that sound gross but really might not be. More slurping sounds as if they are vampires. If you turned off the volume, it would'nt be scary - but they say that about most horror movies. Who knows what the old man was trying to do - why bother trying to figure it out? Oh, all the children are dolls - isn't that cute. Nicely photographed, but uninteresting and forgettable.

Here's my submission for the best 2 minute horror film:

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Re: Two short horror films (only for high IQ brains)

Postby n* ASSASSIN » Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:06 am

Wow, a very detailed analysis, it seems of a film critic!
Spoilers! do not read if you have not seen the movies.
Hotel takes place in a parallel universe where the roles have been reversed between humans and cockroaches, and shows something that for humans is normal as it is to kill cockroaches with poison, if we see it from the point of view of cockroaches would not seem so "normal", and shows human cruelty.
And about Sinnside, you have to look about the title: Sin-side jeje. I think (im not sure) it shows how every child has to fight against a sin. It is very difficult to see, but paying attention you can see some of this, but really is a very complicated horror movie, is the most bizarre I've ever seen, and I think that is the failure: unintelligible.
And about your link, it looks more like a movie scene than a short movie jejej, and I saw one of the most creepy faces ever... I can not deny that I had a great scare in the end, I like this type of scenes, they are my favorite! thanks friend!

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Re: Two short horror films (only for high IQ brains)

Postby Krispykreme » Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:34 pm

Nice Films Thanks for sharing!!!

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